Great Ways To Make Your Home Summer-Ready

With the schools on break and the kids at home, summer may be an excellent opportunity to have some family time. Since everyone would be at home for the holidays, your home needs to be in top shape. That said, here are some great ways to get your home summer-ready.

Preen The Front Door

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Since your front door may be the first impression your guests would have about your home, you may need to beautify it. Giving your front door a facelift will give your home the warm appeal for the summer break. You may consider applying a fresh coat of paint, as it can conceal some minor dents on your door, protecting it against the harsh summer heat and giving it a beautiful appeal. We just painted our door and shutters a gorgeous Onyx.

Moreover, it’s prudent to get a new door knocker (ours is a traditional style in brushed nickel) if the old one looks worn out. You could also get your doorbell checked since you may get more visitors this part of the year. Low-voltage lighting may be a great addition to spruce up your front door for a beautiful warm night appeal. Lastly, you could also add doormats and some potted plants to complete a beautiful, welcoming summer appeal to your front door.

Secure Your Home Against Uninvited Guests

You are most likely to have some unwanted visitors like raccoons and squirrels in your home this summer. Therefore, it is a proactive decision to safeguard your home against such pests before the summer break. For instance, The trees around your home may be the habitat for squirrels. You may prune the longer branches of your trees to deny the squirrels access to your attic.

Raccoons and other pests may target your outdoor bins at night for food. You may try as much as possible to seal all outdoor bins tightly before you sleep every night. You may also mow your lawns, weed the garden, and clean dried leaves, twigs, and debris from the lawns. 

These essential tips may help you secure your home from pests in the summer.

Clean Out The Garage

Summer may be the best time to visit your garage. As you get your home summer-ready, you may want to clean out the garage and sort old toys and other belongings. You may start by bringing out everything in the garage. Sort the various items in the garage out. Consider grouping them into worn-out, reusable, dirty, and broken items. 

Regularly maintaining and cleaning outdoor furniture will help to spruce up your outdoor space. Furthermore, some of the clothes and other items could be washed and donated at the nearest orphanage. Try fixing shelves in the garage for old books and smaller items to free up some space. You may also try repainting and new flooring to give your garage the summer appeal you desire.

Get Your Cooling System Ready

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The summer heat could be a little bit unbearable sometimes,  making it imperative to check your cooling system as you prepare for the summer. You can start by checking your ventilation. You may consider opening your curtains to facilitate good air circulation in the rooms. You can also clean and prepare your cooling fans to keep you cool during the season. Perhaps, you could consider changing the fan conductors to increase their efficiency. 

Additionally, you may change the fans to spin in a clockwise direction, giving it a better cooling effect. If you opt for air conditioners, you can get them serviced before the summer break. When the air conditioner is serviced and properly maintained, it may last the summer break efficiently without catching fire.

Clean Out The Car

As you prepare your home for summer, your car may also require cleaning. Cleaning the car restores its shine and gloss, making it look brand new. You may consider going to the washing bay for thorough cleaning of the car. Perhaps, You wish to clean out your car personally. In that case, it’s imperative to get sponges, buckets, towels, tire cleaner, and vinegar as you prepare to clean your car.

You may consider emptying the trunk, glove compartment, center console, and seat pockets. Wash the tires, the floor, and also the roof of the car thoroughly. You may want to sort out the things you emptied from the various compartments of the car. Return the ones you may need into the car. Store the rest appropriately away at the garage. 

Clean Your Grill For Summer Barbecuing

If you plan to have a great summer with an unforgettable experience at home, you may want to consider cleaning your grill as you prepare for summer. Grills may be in many types depending on which one you may have at home, the most popular being pellet, electric, gas, and charcoal. To clean a gas grill, you can cover it up and heat it for thirty minutes. You can then turn it off and allow it to cool for a while. You may try using the grill brush to sweep the grills and clean the exterior with a sponge. Wipe all the drip trays clean.

However, it’s best to take out all the grills and clean them if you have a charcoal grill. You may consider using hot water, soap, and a sponge to clean the grills and the exterior. Dry it properly before packing it nicely in the garage. With this done, you will be ready for a great summer barbecuing time with the family.

Wash Down Your Porch

Your porch may be covered with dust after many months of inactivity. However, this summer may be a great time to wash your porch and spend time with the family. You may want to clear the furniture and other outdoor valuables and sweep the entire porch off the dirt and rubbish collected there over the months. Clean all the cobwebs that may have collected in the corners over time. Use clean water, soap, and scrubbing brush to scrub and clean all the dirt off the porch. Allow it to dry completely, and you may want to return the outdoor furniture to the porch. You may consider adding some potted plants to give it a new look. With this, your porch may be ready for the summer.

Ensure Your Family’s Safety

With virtually everyone being home for the break, you may consider securing your home to ensure it is summer-ready. You may want to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms and replace old batteries with new ones. It’s also prudent to change the old batteries in flashlights and place them at various vantage places in and around the house. You may want to replace expired and old fire extinguishers with new ones and change all light bulbs if possible. 

Check Your Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor play equipment may have been forgotten and unused for months. As you make your home summer-ready, your outdoor play equipment may need the needed boost ahead of the summer break. Therefore, it’s best to check all outdoor play equipment thoroughly. Repair the broken ones and also replace the ones that need replaying. You may want to try playing with it before the summer break to ensure all are in excellent working condition.

Check Your Fence

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Your fence should be pristine as you make your home summer-ready. Therefore, you may weed around the fence to increase its visibility. You could also repaint the fence to give it a beautiful summer appeal. Try and fix broken parts and seal the broken parts entirely to ensure your home is safe and summer-ready.

Summer may be a particular time for the family to bond, making it imperative to prepare ahead. Hopefully, you’ll apply these tips for the best result.

We just hung a swing so we can hang out on the porch.  That’s my definition of bliss!