How To Declutter Yourself Online

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There are lots of different things that affect our mental health and clutter is the main one. That is why a lot of people say a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. The feeling of having a big De clutter and getting rid of all the junk you have laying around the house brings a weight off your shoulders and just makes you feel so much better instantly. This also applies online. So many of us of all ages spend a large amount of time online and on our computers. It could be for our careers, our businesses or just simply browsing the Internet. After time are computers filled with junk, hundreds of pictures that don’t need to be there, and files that you don’t even remember why you had them. It also applies to your presence online like on social media. Here are some top ways on how to deal with yourself online and on your computer.

The first thing you want to do is look to D clutter your hard drive so this will be going through all of your files and if you don’t need it or you haven’t used it in a long time and it’s not important to keep Then put it in that little trash basket. Then you can organize your files and there are different ways to do it but these tips will help you do it in the best way for a Mac. You can also tidy up your hard drive by making space and moving things that don’t need to be there but you do want to keep onto an external hard drive. External hard drives can be bought and are quite affordable. All you need to do is connect it to your computer, move the files over and keep it in a safe place.

Social media is another thing you want to declutter in a sense. To protect our mental health one of the things we need to do is regularly check who we are following and what content we are consuming on a daily basis. Far too often we are following people who potentially are making us feel bad about ourselves, guilty about doing or not doing something, and simply are just not good for us. So if you find that you are following someone and every time you see them you feel rubbish simply follow them or just mute them so you can’t see their posts. There has been a link to self-image problems especially In the younger generation linked to social media. This goes on all social media platforms so Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and anything else you may use. Only follow accounts and consume content that’s going to inspire, educate or entertain you. Those are the main things you want to look at when you’re following someone and what they’re doing for you.

Do these simple things and you will see a big increase in your mood and your mental health. Declutter yourself not online in your home but also online.