Are you ready to embrace change?

Welcome!  My name is Susan and I welcome you to my website

Here at I help you:

??‍♀️Step out confidently
?Engage others
?‍♀️Rekindle faith
?Valiantly create success
?Impact many
?Courageously move forward
?Embrace change

How? Simple. I point you to Jesus, the One who saves, heals, delivers and sets you free, because He loves you.

After experiencing the hand of God caress my broken heart following my sister’s suicide, my faith was transformed from knowing about God to knowing God. A few years later, I lost my youngest son, Kyle, to an accidental drug/alcohol interaction.

I had an amazing dream that felt like a gift from God where I saw Kyle dancing with Jesus. To me, dance with Jesus is a metaphor for finding joy.

As I was healing, God gave me an amazing gift-faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love. He helps me spread His joy to so many. Making a difference in the lives of people motivates me to move forward and help others embrace change every single day.

Now, I help others discover calm in the chaos of life as they embrace change.

  • And much, much more…

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