We All Have A Story Inside Of Us, But Are You Telling The Right One?

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.’ – Savi Sharma

Picture Credit: CC0 License

The concept that we all have a book inside of us is nothing new. For centuries, great writers have stated as much, urging that we would find the perfect story if we only looked inside ourselves. And now, with more time on our hands than ever, many of us are doing just that. 

This is fantastic news but, as countless budding writers are discovering, that ‘perfect’ story isn’t always close to hand, and false-starts are commonplace. Unfortunately, writing can take time, and no one wants to get stuck on the wrong story for extended periods.

This very mistake has kept many great minds from ever being able to tell the right tale, and it’s something that you surely want to realize before you waste years, and especially before you seek book publishing services for the wrong tale altogether. Luckily, there are some sure signs that you’ve taken the wrong writing path, and they look like this –

# 1 – Flow doesn’t find you

We’ve all heard about the joy of the writing flow, with many stating that, when it goes well, writing feels like it comes from some divine entity. By comparison, taking the wrong writing path can feel like the loneliest thing in the world, with each word a labor. If this latter experience sounds all too familiar, then it’s worth taking a long hard look at exactly why you’re struggling so much. 

# 2 – Your morals are missing the mark

Storytelling is a huge responsibility, not least because books become significant moral compasses for many. Fundamentally, a good book always involves a journey and the ultimate redemption of positive vs negative forces. That said, it isn’t unusual for a tale to take a different moral stance than the one you had in mind to begin with. If this new focus arises and sits well with you, then all the better. But, if a newly arisen moral doesn’t feel like it’s the right message, then it might be best to start something fresh. 

# 3 – You lack the passion to finish

Sometimes, the sign that you’re telling the wrong tale is as simple as an inability to sit down at your desk and finish the thing. While not all writers can be as prolific as Dickens, there should be a driving urge to tell your story and see it in the hands of your readers. If you’re lacking that and letting what writing you do have sit unread in a notepad somewhere, then you may be better off putting that to the side and starting something that’s closer to your writing passions. 

Ultimately, writing a book is never going to be easy, but nor should it feel like a chore. If it does, then don’t be afraid to admit it isn’t working, and use that experience to get it right next time.