How To Make Life Easier For Your Remote Employees

Image by thedarknut from Pixabay 

As most people are still working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to keep on top of what everyone is doing. Without the daily chats in the kitchen or popping over to someone’s desk to talk about something, people are missing out on this interaction and could be missing out on vital information to help them to do their jobs. However, thanks to technology most businesses have made a real effort to continue to socialize over Zoom videos, to have one-to-one meetings, and to keep up to date with everything that’s going on. However, you must make life as easy as possible for your employees to continue to do their jobs from home, so how can you do that?

Understand their challenges

You’re working from home too, and if you’re having an issue with it, your employees probably are too. For example, if you’re finding it lonely, then your employees could be too. If you’re finding it difficult to collaborate on work, they probably are too and if you’re struggling to get motivated, then it’s more than likely that your employees are too.

While you can’t fix every problem, you can certainly try to. It could be that you streamline your documents with AMI Imaging so that everyone can access them, it could be that you introduce incentives or try out working with everyone on their video chat all day so that it feels like they’re in the office. Whatever it is you do, it’s important to understand how your employees are feeling and the challenges they are facing. Talk to them about it and see if they have any ideas too. 

Make sure they have everything they need.

Do your employees have laptops and phones? Do they have the software they are used to in the office? If you want them to do their job to the best of their ability then this must be provided. It can be expensive but remember that you don’t have to buy new ones and there are also some great business deals you can get on phones or laptops. Look into it and you’ll likely see a huge rise in productivity within your business.  

Talk Regularly 

Keep up to date on the day to day stuff and speak to your employees just as you would in the office, ask them what they did last night – not that there’s much to do, watch the same stuff on Netflix, and then discuss it as well as having a balance of work chat too. Even though things have changed it’s important to keep them as normal as you can in terms of work, so continue to review short-term goals regularly and have regular team huddles too. 

Share information 

As you would normally, if you read an interesting article or get sent a funny video, email it around to everyone just as you would in the office. You’re missing out on the chats where you would share this information so make a point of doing it. Write these things down as they happen and keep people updated as much as you can.