Advice on Preparing for a Funeral and a Burial 

Unfortunately, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye to someone we love. This is one of the most upsetting and devastating periods in anyone’s life, and it can be difficult to think straight when a tragedy like this occurs. However, if you have the job of choosing a coffin for this special person, then there is a lot to think about. But don’t panic, as we have put this guide together to give you a helping hand. 

What are the reasons for choosing a cardboard coffin?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing cardboard coffins, and there is a reason for this. Cardboard is the most eco-friendly material out of all of the options that are available. A lot of people think that this results in a lack of quality and strength, but that is not the case. Cardboard is made to hold a considerable amount of weight and you certainly do not need to worry about the quality. 

What should you consider when choosing a coffin?

There is a lot to consider when selecting a coffin for your loved one. Here are the most important factors:

  • Design – The design of the coffin is important. Most people tend to go for a dark and conservative color, such as black or dark brown. However, there are no rules, and you may wish to go for something bright or a coffin in a pastel shade, as you may think this is something your loved one would have preferred. Funerals are personal to the individual who is being laid to rest, so think about what they would like. There is no rule book!
  • Personalization – Today, a lot of people opt to have coffins painted. They do this so they can give their loved one a special send-off and create a more loving environment in their place of rest. This is especially popular with parents who are saying goodbye to a child, as they paint teddies and such like on the coffin.
  • Price – At a time like this, it seems outrageous to think about money. However, you do need to be realistic and ensure you select a coffin that fits in with your budget. There is nothing wrong with doing this; your loved one wouldn’t want you to get into debt. I wish this had been an option when we buried Kyle as the coffin was very expensive.
  • Manufacturer – Last but not least, you should choose a company with a huge amount of care. Take a look at their experience and read reviews that have been left by previous customers to see what they have had to say about the business in question.

All in all, there is no denying that there is a lot to consider when you are looking to purchase a coffin for someone you love. This can be one of the most difficult and devastating purchases that you will ever make. However, we hope that the advice provided will help to give you some sense of direction so that you can navigate the purchase.