The Best Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Heart and Mind

In these times of trouble, our gardens have become places of ultimate refuge. These are safe spaces, beautiful spaces, spaces that have become holiday destinations whilst travel abroad hasn’t been possible. Your garden is one of the most important parts of your house for dealing with stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. The colors, fresh air, and being surrounded by living beings, is better for your heart and mind than anything else. Given this newfound connection, many people want to invest further in their garden. Landscaping is an exciting way to do this; using construction to turn an ordinary domestic garden into something worthy of exhibition. Here are a few of the most impactful ideas out there.

A Water Feature

The sound of running water has been proven to help calm the mind and help with meditation techniques – so what better way to improve your garden than by adding a water feature? A small pond, either set into the ground or built up with bricks, with a waterfall or fountain, can immediately transform your garden into a place of even more joy. If conditions are right, you can populate it with lily pads and koi carp for that extra-special effect. The most complicated part of your installation will be the plumbing, but all landscapers and installers will be able to sort that out for you quickly and easily.

Covered Decks and Pergolas

Do you wish you could sit out and enjoy your garden in all weathers, and feel disappointed when rain forces you back inside? With a covered deck or pergola, this issue will be a thing of the past – plus, they also look absolutely stunning. You’ll want to pay particular attention to choosing deck materials, as a beautiful wooden deck can instantly transform your garden into a hideaway paradise, making you feel as if you’re sitting in a luxury forest resort.

Japanese Inspiration

Japanese gardens are famous for their minimalism, landscaped features, and the feeling of ultimate calm that they inspire. They’re also a fantastic stimulus for those who aren’t particularly green-fingered, as they rely on pathways and landscaped features to induce a feeling of tranquility. You could even create your own version of the kare-sansui style, meaning ‘dried-up landscape’, in which rocks are carefully placed to create the image of waterfalls and riverbeds. Maximum beauty, with minimum weeding required – this could be a wonderful DIY task to occupy yourself and create something beautiful at the same time.

A Rock Garden

Another fantastic landscaped feature to add is a rock garden, otherwise known as a rockery or an alpine garden. Choose a small space in your garden to build a dry hill and fill it with cactus, succulents, and other alpine plants. It creates different levels and something different to catch your eye amongst the greenery, and the calm minimalism of the rock, plants, and earth will have wonderful effects on your mental health. These landscaped features will help you breathe even more deeply and enjoy your garden to the fullest.