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What's This?

Incense Rising…

Do you know someone who simply CAN? They can do anything – and they do it! Their faith sets a standard for you to follow, believe and act on.

Yea, that person.

Whether it’s an Olympic or World Class athlete, a NY Times best selling author or a speaker with an international ministry or a friend who’s blind, they simply CAN.

You see, I know Carolyn Dale Newell. Carolyn simply CAN in a world full of can’t. She can’t see well, in fact, she is legally blind, yet she can read on her computer. She also is a prolific writer for Encouragement Café.

And this is so very cool – she’s getting a guide dog! You know what I loved hearing her say? “They’ve got to train me for this dog and I can hardly wait!”

Guard your private time with God, for it is precious time.

God’s “no” means He will carry you through it rather than deliver you from it.


Truly, her philosophy rests in praising God, as He’s good all the time. And this is from the woman who needs a hand to get around unfamiliar places.

Carolyn asks, “Does your waiting time resemble rest or are you wrestling with annoyance and anxiety?”

Makes you want to know her and her writing, doesn’t it?! So do rest – in the goodness of our Mighty God.

Why am I sharing Carolyn’s story? She just released a new prayer journal. You want to read this book – it’s called Incense Rising.

Oh! To the Throne Room of grace she teaches us to lift prayers that touch the heart of God and carry the very fragrance of Heaven to our Holy Father God.

Can you imagine lifting a bowl full of prayers to your King, the Lord God Almighty? Yes, do it and lift it HIGH for the next 60 days! Let a fire ignite in your soul as you begin to pray. What will you find? That prayer is the most important conversation you have each day.

What you can anticipate?

* Identify hindrances to answered prayer.
* Embrace forgiveness and humility as you discover their role.
* Experience God’s love for you, His child.
* Develop a life of heartfelt worship.
* Discover the power of effective prayer.
* Overcome doubt as your faith rises.
* Pray with fervency and persistence.
* Learn to pray the promises of God.
Plus devotionals.

Can you see it?

Prayer is the most important conversation you will have each day. What does the Bible say about prayer? What can we learn about prayer from great saints of the Bible such as Paul, Daniel, Elijah and Hannah? How do we pray without ceasing? Discover the answers to these questions and more as we dive into Scripture as SEE #IncenseRising

Incense Rising…
To the altar of your Mighty God.

Get your copy here:

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21 thoughts on “Incense Rising – Linkup

  1. Susan – I was gone traveling last week and missed the link-up so I was so delighted to see we are neighbors at 2 linkups today #CoffeeForYourHeart and #WomenWithIntention This book sounds amazing and honestly my prayer life needs an infusion and Carolyn sounds inspiring and just as amazing! thanks for sharing

  2. She is inspiring to me and I love the truth and humor in what she said, “They need to train ME for the dog.” This line reminded me of other life lessons. Thanks for sharing with us. Wow.

    Your neighbor @ #SearchingForMoments

  3. “God’s “no” means He will carry you through it rather than deliver you from it.” What a precious thought I want to remember. Thanks for sharing about Carolyn today. I was inspired.

  4. I love John’s words in the Revelation about the prayers of the saints being like incense — and the preciousness of those prayers to God makes me want to do better at sending incense His way.

  5. This definitely sounds like a book I need to read. My prayer time is so filled with thoughts of all I need to accomplish each day. Thank you for sharing.

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