You Are Blessed

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We are honored today with Tayrina González joining us for the Dance With Jesus Birthday Beach Bash and Blog Tour.

Do you know that you are blessed?

That’s the first question of Susan to our hearts. That question made me think about, I am truly blessed. Not because I was reading, but despite the lost in life, I’m still being loved and blessed by God.

How blessed I am, to live and enjoy what’s around me. Even, when some things are hurtful. Those hurtful things in life in God’s hands are blessing for me and make me grow even more.

I have to say that was not my vision when I lost my first pregnancy. But then, God allowed me to experience the comfort He can only give in grief.

That changed me completely! I was not the same person. I was being loved by God. Even when I was angry, the love that God poured out in me was bigger and powerful than my pain and anger.

There was sadness, pain and darkness. But then, God changed it all with His unconditional love and grace.

Dancing in the middle of grief? That seems quite difficult to achieve. But reading the experience of my sister in Christ, Susan gives me the security that WE can dance with Jesus in grief.

When I look back at my experiences of loss, I have to say God has used each one of those losses for His Glory. This gives me joy. Knowing how God writes my story and transforms my present to give me a future of hope in Him.

Dance with Jesus gave me a whole new perspective of what it is to just live in the moment of the loss but let God take control of it. Allowing myself to cry and remember at the time and moment.

To live the experience as a woman in Christ, knowing that “when I am weak then am I strong”. Knowing that I can have my moments of weakness and allow myself to rest in His Grace.

Recognizing that if I don’t have strength, God gives me more strength that I can ask. Grief can lead us to “broken places” like Susan says.

“My world turned black: tasted black, felt black, looked black, was black”

But then, God shows up { but He NEVER LEFT US ALONE}. In the very moment of our pain and grief, He shows to let us know “I am sufficient and you can hold on to me”.

When everything is dark around us, God gives us light. God enlightens our being and helps us to have a different view of the circumstances. The glory of God is taking place in grief.

Susan’s experience with God created in me a desire to seek even more the presence of God that brings healing. When I was reading chapter 20, I felt God was saying to my heart “Hold my hand”.

There is blessing in Susan’s words. You can read and feel the strong desire of a passionate heart for God’s presence. She says from the bottom of her heart:

“I felt You, God. I heard You, God. I saw Your name carved on both of my son’s arms, God. I saw You, Jesus. I saw Your holy face, God. I saw Your radiant presence, God. I saw through Jesus to the Father.”

God leads us from grief to grace. Come and bring your sadness and pain to the presence of God. He is going to give you in return, peace, joy and rest. If God did this with me and with Susan, He can do it with you too.

“God showed up in my life – in the moments of my deepest hurt and brokenness”. – Susan B. Mead

Now, I ask you and Susan asks too… Do you know that you are blessed? despite the circumstances?

In His Grace and Love,


I am celebrating with Susan in “Dance With Jesus” Birthday Beach Party Bash & Blog Tour. As part of the celebration of Kyle’s birthday I am giving away a signed copy of Susan’s book in my blog. The giveaway is open for entries from 10th August 2015 — 31st August 2015. Don’t miss it! I know you will be blessed!



Tayrina González is a Christian blogger, passionate about sharing the word of God with the world. She shows us what God is doing in her life and around her. She blogs about faith, encouragement and Christian lifestyle, bringing a word of comfort for your heart in every way she can. She lives in Puerto Rico and enjoys reading and having a good time on the beach.


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