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I yearn to learn of Your Word, O Lord.

Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open for knowledge. ~ Proverbs 18:15 (NLT)

Holy Spirit you are welcome here is playing in the background and that is what my heart is longing for right now. 

Lord, lead me deeper into the Word. Your Word.

Guide my eyes to the Word I need to learn today.

May I dwell in Your holy presence and savor the time spent learning about YOU.  Your:



Powerful presence




Praising You

Thank You, O Mighty One.  Hold my hand and teach me.  I have much to learn.  And I want to sit at Your feet as You feed me, word by precious word.  Yes, let me learn Your ways, Father.

As it is written in the Scriptures, ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me. ~ John 6:45 (NLT)