The Fall – Or What Did I Fall For?

I fell, yet I didn’t skin my elbows or plow face first into the ground.

No, I fell onto my knees, bowed and humbled as God whispered to me, “Step off the grid…”

Why would God tell me that? Great question. Because He loves us so deeply, He corrects us when we stray from His ways.

Have you ever fallen from a place you built for yourself?

Does that make you wonder how corrupt I’d become, exclaiming, “Goodness gracious, Susan, what were you doing?!”

Simple answer. Building a platform. The only issue was its purpose.

You see, I listened to all the teachers at all the writers’ conferences, Christian writers conferences, I might add, instructing us to build.

Build. Publishers and agents only want BIG.

Build. Bloggers need readers and page views.

Build. Social media is a MUST and MANY must follow…while they like, comment and share too.

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