Find Free Bible Games That Teach Christian Truths

Bible games that teach Christian truths? Is your first question where can you find that? Mine was, so I want to share the new resource I found with each one of you right here.

Learning the Bible should never be boring!

Have fun learning with free Bible games

At BibleGamesCentral, you will find a variety of games suitable for children, youths and even adults.

Each game comes with Bible learning points, recommended scripture passages and discussion questions.

These are all made available absolutely free!

Here’s an example of one game – Liking Them Balloons

In this game, players race to collect balloons with as many “Likes” as possible. Use this game to teach about self-worth and to address the issue of social media “Likes” addiction.

Honestly, how often have we looked at our social media accounts for a dose of “valuable” to someone? If nobody likes, comments or shares our social posts, then do we think we are a nobody?

Yea, this struck a cord with me. You too?

So I had to share a part of this one lesson from BibleGamesCentral.

Get Started
1. How many social media accounts do you have?
2. In what ways is social media important in your life?

Get into the Word
Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13
3. Why did Samuel think Eliab would be the Lord’s anointed?
4. What was God’s response?
5. What does it mean that God “looks at the heart” of the individual?

Read Matt. 23:27John 7:242 Cor. 5:12
6. What do these verses say about “outward appearance”?
7. Do you sometimes form opinions of others based on “outward appearance”? Tell us more.
8. Do you sometimes form opinions of yourself based on “outward appearance”? Tell us more.
9. In what ways is “outward appearance” like social media?
10. Do you sometimes form opinions of others based on social media? Tell us more.
11. Do you sometimes form opinions of yourself based on social media”? Tell us more.

Give each team a sharp pin and tell them to burst the balloons they collected.
(Or use a pair of scissors to cut the neck of the balloons.)
Point out that each balloon contains a slip of paper.

12. How is this activity a reflection of earthly values versus kingdom values?

Get the Word into your Life
Read Romans 5:8Ephesians 1:3-10John 1:12
13. Based on these verses, how should we regard others and ourselves?
14. How might truly believing that you are the son or daughter of God change the way that you view yourself?
15. What obstacles are there in your life right now that keep you from believing this truth?
16. How can we in our group remind each other of our true source of value? That we are the children of God?

May I encourage you to find a few moments to check out their website.

We really want to benefit as many people as possible so suggestions or comments are most welcome there.

Be blessed!

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