Rock Solid Faith

Rock Solid Faith

I help people be transformed from a place of loss and grief, to a place of grace. People ask me why my faith is so rock solid. I’ve always known Jesus, I’ve always been a Christian, but I had a pivotal moment where I went from believing there was a God, to knowing God up close and personal.

I got a phone call on a Tuesday from my mother and the words she said made me pause and gasp. She said my sister Bette, a beautiful PhD nurse, did the unthinkable. She bought a gun and used it … on herself.

In that moment, I felt a physical caress across my heart. I heard out loud, audibly, “I got her. She’s mine.” And peace encircled and encompassed me.

The reality is that never before, and never since, have I felt the physical touch of God. Never before, and never since, have I heard the audible voice of God. And never before, never since, have I felt that all-encompassing, exquisite, indescribable peace. Beautiful.

I went from believing in God to knowing Him up close and personal. And that literally changed my faith, from knowing there was a God, to knowing God.