Relationship – Commitment or Facebook Comment

My prayer for the two of you considering marriage.
But a question first about your relationship:

Are you are going to try it on or tie the knot?
Is it a commitment or a comment on your Facebook status?
Or is it a covenant made to last a lifetime?

Is this a relationship you are going to try it on or tie the knot?Is it a commitment or a comment on your Facebook status? Or a covenant? Decide to face the fires together to be flameproof.

Will you try it on or toss it aside when it doesn’t feel like it fits anymore?
Or will you close the door of doubt and decide.

I’m yours
You’re mine
Good or bad
We’ll be fine.

You mean the world to me
In marriage to you
That’s where I’ll be free.

To love

To live
Well loved

To learn
To honor and treasure who you are
And the gift I’ve been given in you.

Not mine or yours
Of you F I R S T

Everyday I will list 5 things about you
I am thankful for

And I’ll present this gift of words to you
On your birthday
Or Thanksgiving
Or Christmas
Or our anniversary
Or just because I want you to know
how thankful I am to have you in my life

Let’s decide together
What our traditions will be
Not mine and yours

So with grace, we speak to each other choosing to
Not fan the fires of a fight
As we fire off at each other


Oh my, we may get singed and burned from time to time, yet it will be from circumstances, not from each other.

You offer me grace
When I’m ungraceful
Reminding me we choose to stand
Side by side
And on the same page

You offer me hope
Of a life spent with you
Not alone
Cherished indeed

Remind me gently that we are freed
Of condemnation
And unkind words

Loved. Forever. Together. With you.
Our lives mesh
Don’t second-guess
Don’t doubt or pretend

Come openly
To me
To make amends.

We are better
This I know
So hold my hand

It’s time to start
Our life as one
My cherished one
My beloved

I’m yours
And you’re mine
For all time

So when you’re feeling stressed
And don’t know what to do
Come to me – confess
The challenge you face
I’ll go through it with you.

I’m yours
And you’re mine
For all time

A covenant relationship exits and wows
Because we honor each other, our God and our vows.

Yet know this –
When there’s a blessing
Expect a testing!

Even Jesus was taken to the wilderness for 40 days.
“You are My Son in whom I’m well pleased,” said God.
It sent Jesus to His knees.

40 days of testing
by the enemy
followed the baptismal blessing
and preceded the miracles
and His ministry.

Knowing in advance
Helps you take a stance
All the way to victory

So love each other well
Hold her gently and tell
Her your heart is in her hands

Hold me gently
Please don’t hurt me
I’m fragile
Don’t you know?
So are you –
Your momma told me so!

Together, we will see this through
A life lived in love
Is a gift from above.

So let’s treasure our time.
I’m yours
And you’re mine
For all time.

Susan tweets @SusanBMead, posts scripture graphics daily on Facebook and Instagram and hosts the DanceWithJesus linkup each Friday where she invites YOU to share your story.

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