Plan Your Exterior Home Makeover To Get That Curb Appeal

Image via Pexels – CC0 Licence 

We spend a lot of time, money and care on the interior of our homes. Whether it’s a complete home remodel to create more space, adding a new bathroom or two or repainting our living space, we love to make our homes exactly to our taste and create an an enjoyable environment to live in. 

However, one aspect of our homes that is critical but often overlooked by us is the exterior. We get so used to coming and going, passing through without really seeing, that the frontage of a house can easily get neglected without us fully realizing. A well planned and maintained exterior is a great feature of a house. Not only will it give you that ‘welcome home’ feeling every day when you come back in, but it serves to make visitors feel good too. 

Creating Curb Appeal

And, if you’re planning to sell it creates something known as ‘curb appeal’. When a home looks great from the outside, it gives buyers a great first impression. Studies show that people make an initial decision about whether or not to offer on a house within the first couple of minutes of their arrival, so making sure they like what they see is important. It also gives the impression that the rest of the property is well cared for and in good order. In this way, you can get more bids on your property and perhaps gain a better final sale price. So it really does pay to put some effort into creating a great home exterior – for your own sake and for any future sale. 

Changing The Exterior Of Your Home

The exterior of your home is important and should be taken into account when planning your home improvements. Whether you live in a modern property, something more traditional or a residence that leaves a little to be desired in the looks department, there are lots of ways to upgrade. These range from simple, low-cost adjustments to larger changes.

Everything from simply adding some planters or trellis to disguise undesirable features, to landscaping your garden, or changing the entire cladding of the building – these changes can have a dramatic effect and help boost the saleability of your home, so it’s definitely worth considering your options. Any home exterior makeover should be approached carefully to make sure it’s sympathetic in design to the rest of your home. So what can you do to make a change and what are buyers looking for? 

Extend And Change The Outside

This is the most dramatic – and expensive – option, but it is possible to to make your home look brand new if it’s very dated or you considered moving but would rather improve what you have. Adding extensions to your home can completely change the layout and create a home that is more modern, suits your needs or includes open-plan space. You have options to extend upwards and outwards, depending on the land available and what you want to achieve. You can create extra room, a better balance of the existing space, or greater symmetry.

Look into what development is permitted in your area and work with a great architect to design something special that suits your needs. You can either choose materials which blend into the existing structure – or if you really don’t like the look of your current home – try adding new cladding or render and replacing windows and external doors for something more modern. Your home could be brand new without having to move. 

Landscape Your Gardens

If you don’t want or need something as dramatic as a full remodel, then there are plenty of smaller projects that can still make a big difference. One of the largest is landscaping your yard or gardens to add extra appeal. Think about your outside space and what you want it to do for you. Do you want a secluded, relaxing haven to unwind after a busy day? A child-friendly play space? An area for socializing and alfresco dining? Or even a productive kitchen garden bursting with fresh vegetables and herbs?

There are so many things you can do with an outside space if you apply some imagination. Again, a complete redesign doesn’t have to be on the cards. Simply tidying up shrubs, adding a new planting scheme, irrigating properly using boabab tanks, including some new garden seating or adding a feature like a fire pit of a fountain can make a big change. It’s also worth remembering that small trees and plants in pots can be really useful. You can use them to create quieter areas or to soften the front of your home or hide features you don’t like – and if you’re planning to move house, they can come with you. 

Upgrade Your Front Door 

The main entrance to your home can really change the look and make it a lot more functional and welcoming. You might simply choose to repaint your existing door in a bright new shade. Or if you don’t have one, adding an enclosed porch is a great way to create storage space for coats and boots and add dimension and character to a home. You might also want to upgrade your door.

This can help to add extra security and insulation, as well as looking great. Even if you have a more traditional style of home, you can get modern doors that look more classic in styling to match your home. If you’re upgrading your door to sell a property, keep in mind that blue and lilac are the most appealing colors to visitors and give an air of calm and prosperity. Black or grey doors look understated and chic or you might want to go for a natural wood finish. 

Makeover Your Driveway

Parking is important to potential buyers as well, and your driveway also changes the appearance of your home. Hiring a jet washer to clean block paving or having your driveway repaired and resurfaced makes it look much more appealing and well-maintained. Add some solar LED lighting to guide cars in when it’s dark and make a welcoming glow.

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