Three Things You Need to be a Mountain Mover

Have you ever wanted to move a mountain? No? Me neither.

My mind reels and thinks it’s too big! It will take too long. Every fiber in me resists the thought of tacking that task, yet God whispers, “Let me ask another question. Will it be worth it?” Oh! Oh! Oh, my yes…but how I wonder. You too?

Tools. Maybe I need new tools for this task. I like tools – guess I got that from my dad. He loved tools and taught me to use the right tool for the task. Dad knew life’s easier when you’re properly equipped and prepared to tackle the task at hand.

I didn’t expect to acquire new tools for my toolbox from a book. Yet I did. May I share that story with you now?

“Women Who Move Mountains” by Sue Detweiler is a book brimming with the power of prayer and praise. FYI - YOU are the mountain mover.

“Women Who Move Mountains” by Sue Detweiler is a book brimming with the power of prayer and praise. I thought I’d learn about some powerful women, yet I learned more about me as God used her book like a highlighter – forcing me to focus on Him as He led me through Sue’s prayers, praise and scripture.

The first tool I (re)discover is prayer – specific, Biblical prayer guided by God’s word – moves mountains.

My little hand held spade used to plant flowers is not big enough and I’m not powerful enough in my own eyes to move a mountain. My prayers can be like that. When they’re based on my feelings that change and move like shifting sands instead of the unchangeable, immovable Word of God, those prayers lose their Biblical foundation, and thus their power.

Yet God says dig – with that little bitty tool. Bit by bit, layer by layer, like a spade chops away at the surface of the mountain, my scripturally based prayers chip away at unbelief, less than enough, powerless and all the other lies of the enemy.

We know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, yet God equips us with specific tools for the task of overcoming the enemy – and for moving mountains.

As I ponder chiseling away at the mountain, tiny tool in hand, I decide – yes or no – each time I pick up my tool. I will either use it to scoop dirt out of the way or put the tool away.

Much like my prayers. Will I base them on the word of God as my guide? If so, those little prayers rise like incense to the very throne room of grace where they honor God – and are packed with the power of God.

Do I hit rock from time to time? Yes indeed! And I may need a different tool to get around, through or over that obstacle, if I choose to not let it stop me in my tracks.

So back to God I go to be re-equipped – and find praise. It’s a tool that allows me to navigate immovable obstacles and high mountains.

Praise Me in all situations, even when the obstacle impedes progress. So I raise my hands in praise as I fall to my knees in prayer. Yes Lord! Only You, Jesus, are the Mover of mountains. I will praise You for the strategy and tactics You provide, O Lord, my God.

The battle is the Lord’s, so some days instead of digging, we stand and praise or be still and raise empty hands, faithful hands to our Mighty God – and He will do it for us when we choose His way instead of our own. He may even whisper deep in your spirit, “Will you continue to try to pay your own way or will you let Me pave it for you?”

And the third tool is deposited. It’s the most powerful one as it holds the very presence of God. This isn’t really a tool. It’s a Teacher of how to use the tools provided. It’s the Holy Spirit of God.

My Counselor, Advisor,
Guardian and Guide.
Helper, Redeemer
Who will not hide.

The Lesson Giver gives.
The Holy Spirit lives.
And the mountain is moved
From the groove it occupied.

I am renewed.
Oh Lord, bless you!
You Word is true.
You do not lie.

The mountain is moved.
Thank You, Thank You.

Oh by the way, I love it when God is our Equipper. His tools are THE best ones ever – and for all eternity.

“Women Who Move Mountains” by Sue Detweiler is a book brimming with the power of prayer and praise. FYI - YOU are the mountain mover.

Thank you, Sue Detweiler. “Women Who Move Mountains” was written for me – and for you too. Come see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Get “Women Who Move Mountains” at your favorite bookstore or on Amazon. Get to know Sue Detweiler here – where you can connect to all her social spaces, hear her Healing Rain prayers, or get her other books, for she is a prolific writer – and speaker – of words the heal and bless.

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