You Need to Incorporate Valuable Videos in Your Social Messaging

Are you planning to incorporate videos on your website? Have you thought about the power of branding your videos?

Why Would You Incorporate Videos in Your Social Messaging?

Video is HOT, HOT, HOT right now. Some even consider video to be the “trunk of the tree” for social media. That means it holds the rest of your social messaging in place.

Do you know?

Add video. It boosts page rank!

It is expected that search engines will continue to increase the ranking factor of including video as consumers demand video in search results. So having video on your site can boost page rank significantly.

1 to 2 minute videos are KEY – as Google organically shares videos that are watched – 100% watched. And Google bought YouTube several years ago. Do what matters to the search engine GIANT. Right? Just sayin’.

Attention spans are less than 1.5 minutes and falling – so keep your videos SHORT.

How will you use the video? So many ways. If it is intended to welcome people to your website, have it on your home page, sidebar or about page. You can also vlog – where you share a video as your blog post, have the video transcribed then post the words wherever you want, like on your blog or ANY of your social media sites, plus so much more.

Remember to link your social messages back to your website if the goal is to drive traffic to your website – which it should be.

If you plan well, you can shoot a short message then have it transcribed into a Word document. I use They are $1 per minute so I can afford to have a 1-2 minute video transcribed.

The Word document you receive from them can be edited and used in so many places, from your blog to content for any and all your social sites. Consider extracting brief statements to make memes or quotes for your social media sites, linking back to your blog or webpage where the video is hosted.

Best Practice for Compelling Video Messaging:

5 Parts: 

  1. Pain – Start with what hurts – a pain point. Have you lost a loved one, are you dealing with infidelity, porn, divorce, alcohol, drugs, depression, parenting, step-parenting, foster parenting, menopausal weight gain, empty nesting, whatever the pain is you are dealing with or have dealt with.

Ask a question and speak to this pain point a little bit. Choose ONE pain point that is broad enough for others to identify with the pain you address. Plan to be broad on the topic to include more people rather than very pinpointed pain, as that negatively impacts the number of people seeing themselves in a similar situation – or wanting to hear more from you.

  1. I get it, I hear you, or I understand your pain/loss/challenge.

Tell a BRIEF synopsis of what you’ve experienced.

  1. THEN Introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m __________________. As one who has experienced __________, I share the impact it had on my life and the lessons I learned that may apply to you and your life too.

  1. Offer your solution

The lesson(s) I learned are ___________

  1. Invite them to get the ONE thing you offer – as the last thing you say on your video.

Thank your audience for watching then offer a free gift or a purchase, or invite them to interact with you. A free gift would be appropriate on a welcome video and may be for a free pdf, ebook, checklist, or any other item of value to your audience to help them remember – or implement – the information you just shared with them.

In your call to action, list ONE connection point; direct or invite your audience to do some one thing to connect with you, whether it is buy your book, click to get xyz, etc. Pick ONE action to increase audience interaction. Do not list all your social sites and multiple places people can connect with you. Too many choices leads to inaction versus one focused action.

If you have a free gift to offer your audience, then consider offering a solution to a situation or problem you write / speak about with a free gift from you. Set it up in a way they must share their email address with you to get your free gift.

Here’s the deal: DO NOT use the word subscribe. Consider other options, such as:

Get Your Free Gift Here
Get Your Goodies Now
Start Here


Branding simply means using something consistently across your social media platforms. A power statement or belief statement can be incorporated. For example, you can complete this sentence:

I believe ____________________, that’s why I ______________.

Mine says: I believe God loves us each uniquely and eternally, that’s why I speak and write at

Consider using this (or something similar) across ALL your social media sites for a consistent message and branding purposes or end each video with a powerful invitation prior to extending your offer. The words may differ a little bit as each platform has a difference word count – and you definitely want to use all the real estate provided to share who you are – yet be consistent in your message.

This can be the one thing you love doing with and for others.

I pray these few points are a blessing to someone getting started writing, blogging or choosing to incorporate video.

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