How to Build Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns



In this 21st century world, social media marketing is critical to businesses. Especially in America, where 231.47 million people are active on social media, you can’t afford to go wrong with this innovative marketing style. Have you recently sought to build a social media marketing campaign, and were you successful at it? Regardless of your answer, here are some smart ways to get great results from your campaign.

  • Conduct research on your competitors first

Business competitors exist to compel you to up your game and add value to your product or service. Most business owners tend to forget that researching competitors is even more important in social media marketing, and something you don’t want to overlook. For example, you need to determine the type of content they create and how they successfully engage their virtual audience. Additionally, what times do they post and how regular are their marketing campaign posts? Do they adopt a subtle or more aggressive campaign pitch?

Knowing all these and more will place you in a better position to identify loopholes in their social media marketing campaign that you can explore to your business’ advantage. Sometimes, after conducting thorough research, you’ll notice that a tutorial campaign video posted an hour before your competitor is the element you needed all along. 

Strategic competition is the name of the game, and until you succeed at that, it can be challenging to uncover a competitor’s social media strategies. How can you conduct this research? You can do this manually or employ competitor research tools for data compilation.

  • Use influencers correctly

By virtue of their status, social media influencers are known for their industry-specific credibility. They tend to have access to a massive virtual audience, which is the fundamental element to their success as influencers. At some point, as you build a successful social media marketing campaign, you’ll need these influencers to drive the message and the brand.

If this is challenging to do by yourself, you can find help at Unruly Agency is an influencer itself and can guide your business to craft appropriate timeless content to boost sales and traffic. Getting that entity (be it a group or an individual) to help you ride on the waves of social media marketing is crucial to your campaign. Nonetheless, you must ensure that mutually beneficial policies guide your professional relationship with an influencer.

  • Know the pros and cons of all social media platforms you intend to use

Currently, there are over ten major social media platforms with active users. How can you determine which of these platforms is the best for your brand? Does it suit your marketing campaign’s purpose? Knowing where your audience converges in huge numbers at any given time is better than making erroneous assumptions. You can compare it to throwing a wide net at sea in hopes of catching fish, which won’t yield many results. Now, let’s catch some fish.

Focus on the primary social media platforms your target market use on the regular. When you discover this, craft your marketing campaign around the specifics of that virtual platform. For example, if Facebook is the ultimate choice, stick to a strategy that conforms only to that site. If you craft the same message for Facebook and replicate it on Instagram or other platforms, you may not get the desired results. In the same way, a Twitter-based campaign will not suit a LinkedIn platform.

Thanks to technological advancement, it’s now easier more than ever to check the demographics of different social media sites. So, if you’re selling luxury cars, for instance, it’s business suicide to steer your social media marketing campaign onto a site predominantly used by teenagers.

  • Track and measure campaign results and adjust where necessary

Once your campaign is up and running, it’s advisable to track, review and make adjustments where necessary. It helps to use a metrics performance to assess how well your campaign content is going. For example, you can use UTM parameters to track your site’s visitors. This tool uses short text codes that are included in any URL. It also helps to see which of your social media campaign posts are performing better than others. 

You don’t need a large budget to establish or commence a social media marketing campaign in most cases. Unlike traditional media advertising methods which require paying considerable sums to establishments, this doesn’t require much. The bulk of the work will depend on how well you conduct your background research.