Go. Do. Boldly.

March out BOLDLY… (GO…)

March out. BOLDLYExodus 14:13-14 excerpts:

The Lord said to Moses:

(You DO this…)
Tell the people to go here…

I will:

                                    (then I DO this…)

                                    Harden hearts

                                    Gain glory

                                    They will know

                                    I AM THE LORD

                                    Gain glory

Moses said:

Do not be afraid

Stand firm

See The Lord today

Deliver us

The Lord will fight for you

Be still

Moses stretched hand (Did…)

The Lord (Did…)

Drove back the sea

The Israelites went through the sea on dry ground (GO)

The Lord (Did…)

Threw the Egyptians into confusion

Jammed the wheels of the chariots

Did you see?  The Lord said do this Moses, STRETCH.

Oh my, have you ever heard the Lord say STRETCH?  Did fear grip you?  Or did you MARCH OUT BOLDLY?  To only get gripped by fear as you marched?  Yep, just like the Israelites. Me too…

What happened next?

The Lord swept

Would YOU like to come sweep my house while You are at that task, Lord???  Did I just hear you live in my heart?  Is that what needs sweeping, Lord?  Oh, I fear He will sweep something other than my floors…

What do you think – maybe some debris out of my heart, my life, my beliefs, my actions?  Yours too?

Go + Do = GOD.O!

COME LORD. SWEEP away please.  Or show me what needs to be swept up and tossed out, so I can bring it before Your throne of grace to be freed of that burden.

Just like you freed the Israelites of the burden of the pursuing Egyptians.  Throw that wall of water over me to drown the “pursuing Egyptians” in me.  Yes, those things in me that need to be swept away because they do not give You glory, Father.  Wash me clean, Father.

There is something I have to do first before You sweep me clean, Father?  DO something?  Did I see a pattern here?  How does this apply to us, Father?

God says GO and do something.  BOLDLY.  When we do, He does something too.  WHY?

For His Glory

                        For His Glory

                                    Yep, I will gain glory Exodus 14:17

                                                And AGAIN Exodus 14:18.

Twice, God tells Moses He, God, will gain glory when Moses doeswhatever God asks/tells him to do.

What is your “whatever God asks/tells” you to do?

Truly, what is it?  Why is this so critical that God tells Moses twice?

So God can gain HIS GLORY.  Yes, HIS GLORY.

What do I see in this?  An equation.

GO + DO = GOD. O!

 We choose whether we listen to God and do what He asks of us.  Choice.  Ours.  Yet, when we DO what He asks us to do, God gets the glory and O! how He shows up and shows off, when His children obey.  Even when (or is that especially when???) it feels like we are marching out into the desert.

That’s when the equation makes sense in your life and in my life.


Keep Doing…

 Keep Doing…

Keep Doing…

            Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

To see God show up in your life…GOD. O! we exclaim with great joy!  Or is that O for our obedience?


Your action step today—let Him sweep away the debris and choose to see God in His Glory


GO + DO = GOD. O!