How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Emails

Have you ever wanted an expert to help you make people fall in love with your emails? Guess what? We have that right here today. This guest post is from a former journalist, Corina Leslie. She knows what the secret sauce is to make people fall in love with your emails.

How to get people to fall in love with your emails? Create curiosity

I bet you would like a higher click through rate for your emails, right? I would. I hope you enjoy this article–and you learn something that helps you communicate your message more effectively.

If great email marketing had any “secret,” it would be this: getting people to fall in love with your emails. Creating a sense of excitement among your subscribers to make them click on your subject lines with curiosity. Getting them to read your emails all the way to the bottom and forwarding them to friends and peers.

How do you do that, though? There’s a strategy to it, and it does take time to perfect it. Here are a few tactics that will help you fulfill your goal. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Start by using an email verifier

A winning email marketing strategy starts with very practical things, such as the quality of your email list. When was the last time you checked your reports to see how your emails perform? If some of the metrics worried you – maybe your bounce rate or your spam complaints – it could be time for a good email list scrubbing. An email verifier helps with that.

Designed as a piece of software that normally doesn’t require any download, an email verifier removes bad email addresses from your list. These addresses harm your sender reputation and are a risk to your email deliverability. Catch-all, misspelled, abuse, or temporary email addresses – these aren’t genuine leads worth keeping in your list. It’s best to let an email verifier weed them out before you even begin to think of your next campaign.

Also, once you have your list cleaned, it’s a great idea to install an email verification API on your signup forms. The API is a further security measure against unwanted signups, and helps keep your list in good shape.

Now that you took care of your email list, let’s see how you can make the most of it. If creating a branding strategy feels overwhelming, just keep in mind things don’t have to be perfect from the beginning. You can tweak your email design a little later down the road – just make sure you use your brand colors from the start.

Most importantly, spend time working on your content and make sure you can answer “yes” to these two questions:

  • does this email solve a problem my subscribers have?
  • is this email a response to something my subscribers want or like?

Ok, but how do I know that, you may ask? Here comes an essential aspect of helping your business – and email marketing – thrive: knowing who your audience is. Investing a bit of effort into creating your buying persona is going to yield palpable results. The moment you know who you’re communicating with, you’ll have a great starting point for your content creation strategy.

One thing is certain: stellar content is the only way to get your subscribers hooked on your emails. Think of pictures and graphics as elements that complement your email and express your brand. But content is the core of your email, the main communicator of your message.

Here are some content ideas you can steal:

  • do you have a blog? Take the articles you write for your blog and turn then into newsletters. You can grab a snippet and invite your subscribers to read the rest on the blog.
  • do you like to stay on top of the news? Make a selection of the most important things that happen in your industry and send them to your list. It will save people time, and they’ll soon come to see you as a reliable, trustworthy source.
  • be generous and run promotional campaigns periodically. Vouchers, coupons, free shipping and other sweet deals – who doesn’t love that? Reward your loyal subscribers, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • make storytelling a vital part of your brand. Every marketing email you send out should revolve around the story you tell your audience. Don’t focus on selling, or you’ll come across as… well, salesy, and nobody wants that.
  • ask yourself how you would feel about receiving the email you’re about to send. Would you click on the subject line? Is the copy educational and entertaining? Is the call-to-action irresistible? Are you looking forward to receiving the next email?

Hiring help pays off: design and copywriting

Almost anyone can learn how to craft clickable newsletters and marketing emails. But if you feel like this is a task way beyond your abilities, you can hire some help. External consultants can take your ideas and give them the right form. A designer, for example, can create a beautiful template that you can use in the long run. A copywriter edits your emails to make them more appealing and to boost your conversions. Sometimes, getting professional help really pays off by saving you effort and time, and by generating better results.

A former journalist, Corina Leslie is the PR & Marketing Manager for email verifier ZeroBounce. She is passionate about communication and helping others email successfully. You can find her on the ZeroBounce blog, where she shares her best tips on digital marketing, copywriting, PR and everything in between.

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Thank you for helping us make people fall in love with our emails, Corina Leslie!

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