Tiaras and Tutus

Boys.  I had boys.  Two of them.



         Roller Hockey


         Ice Hockey (in the South, we have to specify…)


Playing boys.  And a husband who played with them.  Yep, boys.


God love them – oh, He does! – yet there were moments I simply wanted to put on a tiara, don a tutu, strike a pose and do a plie…instead of being struck by a stray soccer ball or wayward hockey puck.

Honestly, I revel in these mom moments and memories.  Even when:

the soccer ball kicked in the kitchen shattered the alabaster light fixture as it fell to the floor

the paintball gun toted by my older son plastered the side of the trees (and the deer beside them) with pink paint

the orange U up against the shower door struck at me (YEP-the neighbor’s snake was LOOSE in MY house…

the hockey bag full of gear was left at home as we drove an hour to the airport for a hockey tryout in Chicago-6 states away

Yep, these are memorable moments that are now focal points in my life.  Kinda like those cherished Christmas ornaments that are placed on prime property-front and center-or the stars God named and hung in the sky for us to track and treasure.

No chagrin here!  Really. 

 so we treasure our time with Him…and His children.  His treats for us are sweet commUNITY and opportUNITY(ies) to share those special moments where He shows up and shows off.

Now, here’s the deal.  I saw exactly what I least expected…and wanted immediately.  At the Cracker Barrel.  Really!  You can laugh out loud, yet you never know where God will put His good gifts, do you?!  Yep, I saw the perfect tiara and scepter.

Isaiah 45:3 (NIV) I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

Queen for the day. I’d always wanted to “sit on the throne” and there I was. God gives us dreams, hopes, a sense of humor and faith that create memorable moments in our lives.


Queen for a day. 

Yes!  I truly could be queen for a day in the midst of all that testosterone…

at least in my imagination. 

I traipsed to that tiara as fast as I had ever traversed a store…and got the last one!  WHEEEE!  I got it.

So why in the world would that tiara and scepter matter to me, mom of boys?

A few weeks earlier, I’d been to the urologist for some testing that included an x-ray.  An elevated x-ray.  On a big ole chair.  Think what you will—you may get close to that actual image.

When the tech entered the room following the procedure, she stopped dead in her tracks.  Why? I was doubled over, laughing out loud!

“That’s not the normal response most people have to this procedure,” she kindly informed me.  I believe she thought I’d lost my ever-loving mind in that undignified moment of total exposure.  Nope.  I got it…
It simply hadn’t looked like an elevated x-ray potty chair in my dreams.

So the tiara and scepter were gifts to hang on the wall of the “throne room.” Other women would be able to “sit on the throne and be Queen for a day” too.  And have something to laugh about while perched on high.

Especially when the precious little 5-year-old sweetheart had to come in for some urinary tract testing.  Instead of being simply being probed for a problem, she was “crowned princess” for a day…

And the throne rose to her command as she waived the scepter.