The Struggles in Life Are Real

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Misty Phillip shares her story of finding calm in the chaos of life when facing the struggles in life that are so real life seems impossible. Let her words wash over you today and renew your hope as we approach Mothers Day.

Oh the struggles in life are so real.

Eight years ago a friend of mine introduced me to a blog she was reading, written by a fellow homeschool mom named Ann Voskamp. Shortly after I began reading Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I had no idea how life transforming that book would be for me!

A thousand gifts and talks about the powerful practice of gratitude and everything and the daily. This simple concept was a game changer for me. I began to look at things in a whole new way after reading this book, which helped me to praise God during the storm that ensued over the next several months. Clinging to scripture and this one guiding principle of practicing gratitude was a lifeline that brought me calm in the chaos.

You see I begin reading it in the early stages of a surprise pregnancy weeks before my 40th birthday. My husband and I both wanted more children. However, it had been almost eight years since our last child was born, and we didn’t think we would have any more children.

We suffered the loss of a baby in the first trimester a few years before and then went years without being pregnant. So we were quite shocked to find out I was expecting.

Since I was in the habit of practicing gratitude, I immediately began praising God for every day that I was pregnant. Instead of complaining about gaining weight I embraced my ever-growing waistband. I found peace and joy by counting my blessings every day. Choosing joy in midst of tragedy helped me surrender my hurt and pain to God and His will for my life. Why? This precious baby boy of ours had a terminal diagnosis that was incompatible with life, yet we choose to carry him to term.

We confidently quoted Romans 8:28 at our son’s funeral, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” And we sang “the Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” All because Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace was our peace that passes understanding.

A simple shift in our perspective from our focusing our grief and loss to keeping our eyes transfixed on Jesus, and His goodness carried us through the storm.

When my faith was shaky, I held on to the hope of scripture. Through  studying the Bible I fell head-over-heels in love with Jesus and His word. The Word became my anchor through illness, pain, grief, marital struggles, the loss of babies and parents, the difficulties of raising a child with a brain injury, homeschooling a slew of boys, and trying to manage all the challenges of life.

My life was radically transformed by the amazing grace and unfailing love of Jesus Christ which led me to write The Struggle is Real: But So is God Bible Study.

The struggles in life are indeed real, but my friend, so is God, and I want you to know my friend Jesus the way I do. I also want you to lay claim to the promises available to you in scripture when the storms of life come so that you can walk in the victory. He loves and cares for you greatly, and His Grace is enough to see you through. May you experience just how real He is and know He is right there with you in the middle of the storm.

About Misty:

The struggles in life are real


Misty Phillip is passionate about helping women overcome challenges in life by seeking Jesus, studying the Word and growing in grace. Founder and host of the By His Grace Podcast, sought after speaker and blogger at, she is the author of The Struggle is Real: But so is God Bible Study and contributor to Dear Wife and A Wife Like Me.

You can find and follow Misty here:

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23 thoughts on “The Struggles in Life Are Real

  1. I feel these struggles daily, but I am trying to shift my attitude with prayer and grace. Thanks so much for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this past week.

    1. PS, Your story touched me in countless ways as I face real struggles in my own life. I found the courage to hold on to gratitude and my love for Christ.

  2. I too was introduced to Ann Voskamp at just the right time in my life. You are right. It was life-changing. Come link-up on my brand new Legacy LInk-up

  3. I love the quote, “The struggles are real, but so is God.” What a beautiful experience. I love Romans 15:4 which talks about the purpose of the scriptures (which is to take hope from them).

  4. Praising God in the midst of the storm has been a life-giving concept that I have learned years ago. Because it is not natural, it requires utter dependence on the Holy Spirit, who sees past, present and future and reminds us of the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

    Great post, Misty! Visiting from #RechargeWednesday Linkup.

  5. 1000 Gifts was life changing for me. I’m pretty sure every page is dog-eared. It is truly a book that I should read through every year.

    Thanks for reminding me what a great resource of encouragement and edification I have right on my bookshelf.


  6. I’m so sorry for your loss, Misty! But how wonderful that God is using you to help other parents going through similar circumstances. Blessings.

  7. Susan,

    Beautiful words of encouragement and inspiration. I know from purrsonal experience growing up with little I saw the hand of God working in my young life, always believing with God all things are possible and that He would provide my needs. Adulthood can cloud your purrspective and fools you into thinking you’re in charge when everything is quite the opposite. It took me years of struggling before I understood the things I wanted to fix or control wasn’t mine to do but for God. Once I figured that out and relinquished it to His care then peace filled my heart. A deeper appreciation for what we once had but now didn’t made its awareness clear. I vowed from that moment to never take anything for granted because all that I have is because of Him. I give God full credit for everything my life and am thankful for everything even the less than purrfect stuff because I know I have it far better than some. Thank you for these reminders. Blessings to you!

  8. Misty, thank you for sharing your story with us. You are helping other women through your generosity and selflessness!

  9. The struggles are real, but it seems our struggles make us stronger. We complain about struggle, but many of us wouldn’t be where we are without struggle. Jesus said it this way – in this world, you WILL have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD (John 16:33). As we go through each struggle with Him, he does something amazing – he changes our perspective. We appreciate that he is with us in the struggle.

    1. Absolutely! And in James 1 we learn to count it all joy when going through trials. Struggles teach us perseverance and make us more like Christ! <3 Misty

  10. Oh, Misty, such a heartbreak you are still grieving I know. Thank you for sharing it and praising God through the pain. I know your testimony will help so many.

  11. Misty, thanks so much for sharing your story and how gratitude helped transform your struggle and grief. Ann’s book was life-transforming for me, too. May the Lord bless your Bible study and use it to bring many women closer to him.

  12. Misty,
    Thanks for sharing your story…or at least part of it. Gratitude can be a powerful source of healing when we feel like our world is caving in. I needed this attitude adjustment this morning…thank you.
    Bev xx

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