The Shallow End

I love everything about wading in the shallow end of the water:

The aqua color
The reviving coolness
The awareness that I’ve stepped into the water
The safety of the shallow end
The promise of and potential for more
The question it raises
– Will I go deeper? You too?

Shallow end of our faith - will we go deeper, digging into God's word, sitting still with Him, letting Him speak to us and our situation? Or check it off?

My faith is like the shallow end some days. I’m simply wading in, sitting down and staying in one place, willing to get a little bit wet to be refreshed and revived.

The question is this – will we go deeper in our faith, digging into the word of God, sitting still with Him and letting Him speak to our situation and to us? Or will we dash into a verse or two, checking it off our “to do” list?

Does God ask you and me to do things?
– Or to be with Him?

Is my agenda so full and so busy I’m barely wading into His Word?
– Or do I allow God to guide me into His agenda?

Am I reading your mail, too?!

Someone said being busy means you are burdened under satan’s yoke. BUSY.

Got my attention! Have you heard that before?

Beth Moore said, “If the devil doesn’t destroy you, he’ll distract you. Look at your calendar. Are you so busy, you’re filling up the margins too?”

WOW! I’m busted. Busy, yet not guided by God’s agenda so often. Is that where you find yourself more often than you’d like?

Do I even schedule the most important time of the day? Or am I taking my time with God for granted, assuming I’ll find it or fit Him in somewhere or somehow?

Shallow. I’m in the shallow end of my faith.
– Oh my, am I even stepping into it or stuck in one place?
– Is that why my soul feels parched?

I just realized I haven’t even been swimming this year. It’s mid-summer and I’ve been “high and dry” even though I now live on a lake.

My goodness, God, I’ve been taking You for granted recently. I haven’t even gotten “into the water” or dug deep into Your Word to wade with You, much less to go deep.

Call me deeper, Father. I know You are there, waiting for me to show up and wade in, trusting You to take me deeper, guiding each step, holding onto me and my fragile soul as You lead. Faithful. Gracious. Good.

Digging deep into the Bible is like finding a buried treasure chest – it’s riches can’t be fathomed, as each piece in the chest is a priceless treasure in itself. I cannot measure the worth of Your Word, Lord, for it is priceless and eternal; filled with LOVE and LIFE!

Thank You, Lord, for You are my Lifesaver. Yours too?

Oh, thank You, we can go deeper now. You equipped and saved us, Father.

And do it again God! Thank You. We can trust You to toss us a lifesaver. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the deep end or on dry land; You are our Savior, Lifesaver, and Lord.

May I invite You to sit with me here in the shallow end, Lord? I have some questions to ask You. Oh! You’re taking me deeper still, Father?!

PS: I have a question. Have you ever noticed the color of Jesus’ eyes in Akiane Kramarik’s paintings?

AQUA. Just like the shallow end of the water – inviting.

Jesus is calling me to wade into His wonderful love so He can take me deeper, holding my hand and my heart in His. You too?

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