Father’s Day & Poison Ivy – Linkup

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What's This?

Ever wonder why God made something? Like spiders, snakes and mosquitoes? Yea, me too. Especially now that we’ve moved to the Fish Camp on the lake. I’ve found one more thing I’d like to ask God WHY did You create this…Poison Ivy.

Why God? Snakes, spiders and mosquitoes - why? One more question. Why did You create poison ivy? Ever wonder about these things? Delve in with us.

Leaves of three
Turn and flee!
Leaves of three
Let them be.

Go away.
Stay away.
You don’t want
It today.

The devil has
A plan for you
To steal, kill
And destroy.

I think he did
Use this plant
To get his way…
OUCH! I rant!

Or is that itch???

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 
James 4:7

Right there is black and white in James 4:7, it says resist the devil and he will flee.

So let me ask a question. Why is it me who needs to flee from poison ivy? Seriously!

Ohhhh, maybe I forget the first step there…submit to God. Forgive me, Father GOD. I turn back to You.

I literally had to look up benefit of poison ivy to see if there were any.  Here ya go:

Poison ivy can produce a skin rash if we touch its stem, root, leaves, or fruit. But this plant, a native, has considerable value to wildlife, which generally are not sensitive to its toxin, called urushiol. Poison ivy’s clusters of round, waxy, whitish fruits develop in summer and persist into winter, when they are of particular benefit to wildlife because of the scarcity of other foods at that season, botanist Jane Hill wrote.

We don’t have scarcity of foods for critters during winter like other areas here in the South and poison ivy is rampant…

In the past 18 days, I’ve been to the doctor, gotten a steroid shot, taken a Medrol dose pack of decreasing steroids for 7 days, swallowed Claritin like it’s candy, sprayed IVAREST all over everything, eaten (yes, steroid induced hunger) my way from Louisiana to Dallas to New York and Connecticut and back…and this stuff is STILL spreading. And itching like crazy.

Here’s the deal. My sister is a nurse – a critical care certified nurse. When she saw my arms this morning, her only comment was, “That’s not right – call the doctor. NOW!”

So I minded. Now I await the return call from said doctor. Wonder if I’ll end up with another shot? Whatever they prescribe, I sure pray it works this time.

You know what really gets to me? My dad is so allergic to poison ivy, I dare not even hug him. That’s the pits! It’s Father’s Day coming up Sunday and I’m ready to hug my 91-year-old dad.

Happy Father's Day! Celebrating with my 91 year old dad. How will you celebrate your dad this year? How about your Heavenly Father?

I remember as a child one episode of poison ivy on Dad. He broke out everywhere, including on his eyeballs. Can you imagine? So I’ll keep my hugs to myself and ask for a prayer of healing from you.

And Thank God for virtual hugs – them, I can still do. HUGS! Love ya’ll.

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15 thoughts on “Father’s Day & Poison Ivy – Linkup

  1. How awful for your poor Dad!! I’m somehow naturally immune to poison ivy so I fail to even think about how it may spread to others after I rip some out of the fence row. I will have to be more careful.
    Thank you for the little poem about running from it. It made my day!!

  2. Susan, you poor thing. Sounds agony. You’ll have to make up your Father’s Day hug when you’re better. That’s a good excuse to keep hugging.

  3. What a sweet picture of you and you dad. It made my heart smile. I’ve had poison ivy and I used a product called Technu. You use it while bathing and it dries out the oil. It worked great and quickly! I pray you will heal soon!

  4. Oh, Susan! Poison ivy is the worst. We have a ton of it around here. I am so sorry for you, but I love that you looked up the benefits of the plant. That cracked me up. Heal quickly, sister!

  5. Oh NO! Susan I’m so sorry. What torture! Praying they get that stuff under control quickly! xo, liz

  6. Oh Susan! I am SO sorry that you have been attacked by poison ivy. I’m new to the South and have never had that experience but I thank you for your picture and the little “leaves of three turn and flee” poem. My goodness, it sounds terrible.

    I’m sorry too that you can’t even give your dad a Father’s Day hug. God bless y’all on Dad’s day nonetheless.


  7. Girl, it sounds like you’re going through the wringer! May the Lord surround you with His presence. Like heavenly Benadryl surrounding your body with peace. 🙂 So sorry. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad.

  8. We may not know why God made poison ivy, but we sure know why he made Dads.
    Just so happy to hear the joy in your “voice” when you talk about how you wish you could hug your dad.
    Hope you get feeling better soon!

  9. Susan,
    Having had poison ivy MANY times in my childhood (all I had to do was look at the stuff) I have wondered many times why God created it??? The only good answer I can come up with is so that I can share in Christ’s suffering?? I will ask God about this when I get to Heaven. Meanwhile, I am really missing my dad, who passed away 5 years ago, more and more as time passes. Asking Jesus to give him a hug for me. If your dad is still living – give him a big hug and tell him that you love him.

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