Kyle was Fun, F-U-N! – Video

Kyle was fun, F-U-N. Wherever he went, a party broke out, and if there was a costume to put on, he was the first one to put it on. When he graduated from eighth grade, most of the kids were in shorts and shirts. No, he was in tails, top hat, ascot, cane, and having a good old time. That boy had to take it to the top, and he was just fun!

Three of the kids had a toga party one night, just because it sounded fun, that’s the kind of kiddo he was. He would walk into a room, and, you know how some people just occupy space? They walk in and everybody’s attention turns to them. He was one of those. You wanted to know, who’s that kid?

Fun! When we lost him, this 20-year-old kid knew people around the world. His best friend flew from Australia to Louisiana to be there for his service. A man on the Isle of Wight lit a candle. How is it that a 20-year-old kid knows people all around the world, and they care about him? He’s good fun. I worked the whole time he was growing up, and when he was about four years old, I came in one Friday afternoon, and he came running up to me, latched his arms around my leg, looked up, and said, “I lost you, momma.” Aww, that just pulled at my heartstrings. It still does because I’d like to grab him, and say, “I lost you, Kyle.”

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