Why Am I Mad At God? Let Me Count The Ways

Sometimes you read a post and simply want to share it with others. This post by my friend Yvonne Ortega is one of those that struck a chord. Why? I got mad at God when I lost my son–five years later, not immediately, like so many do. We simply don’t know what can or will trigger anger.

Here’s the deal, it’s how we respond to the anger as God is big enough to handle it. And faithful to us when we come to Him with our anger to help us walk through it to a healthy place.

I am mad God. Do you care? Will you help me?

Why am I mad at God? Let Me count the ways. In less than a year I’ve had three major surgeries, lost my father, became depleted and dehydrated, and nearly died. 

“God, I’m mad at you. The harder I’ve prayed, the sicker I’ve gotten. Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do you care about me?

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