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Sarah Travis asked me to write a post for her while she was enjoying her new “Mum” status as this precious Brit says about being a mother.  So step off the grid with us, uncover 10 lessons learned and trust God today…

Stepping off the grid … sounds familiar and refreshing! After taking some time out to focus on being a Mum for the first time, I love that I am bringing my guest post series to a close with this word from my friend Susan. When I first met Susan I was blown away by her JOY in the Lord. When I learned all she has been through I was even more inspired … and challenged. I encourage you {after you read this post!} to check out more of what Susan has to share on Dancing with Jesus!

10 Lessons Learned

How Stepping Off the Grid Impacts Your Faith

Step off the grid with us, uncover 10 lessons learned and trust God today. Join us?



Have you ever thought about stepping off the grid and simply unplugging for a little while?

Me too – and I did it. Wanna know what I’m learning? It’s impacting my FAITH. Seriously! I didn’t expect that to be part of the package.

Lesson 1:

We decided.

WE. Decided. Yes, together as a couple, the decision was consciously made. Why were we even thinking about stepping off the grid?

We felt a nudge from Above asking us to step off – in faith. Yep, like that momma eagle nudges and shoves her eaglets out of their comfy nest, so does our Heavenly Father nudge us our of our complacent lives, filled with the comforts of home…and STUFF.

Lesson 2:

Let it go.

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