Have you ever thought about the word fulfilled?

What does it mean to you?

What fulfills you?

Have you ever been fulfilled?

And then lost it?

Or recently found fulfillment?

Are you fulfilled now?

Questions.  On, the questions that come to mind just reading or hearing the word fulfilled…  Did you think of other questions or answers?

My friend Danise Jurado has thought about the word fulfilled for 10+ years.  YEARS!  That takes my breath away to know how close to her heart YOUR fulfillment is.  YOURS? Really?

Yes, she has been thinking about so many of us as the words were penned into her new book, Fulfilled.

I simply must introduce you to my friend and share how we met.  Let me ask you a question first.  Have you ever “met” someone on Twitter?  In the past year or two, there are people who tweet things of God that I have started following or re-tweeting.  Danise is one of those people.  OK, so what’s that got to do with this post?

One tweet she sent earlier this year asked if anyone would like to attend Re:Write Conference in Austin with her – and I did!  Who would have thought a tweet would bring two of God’s daughters together, yet it did.

So with that, let me introduce you to this woman who holds a special place in my heart.  Danise Jurado describes herself as a pastoral counselor at Angelus Temple and The Dream Center in Los Angeles where she has served since 2001.  Danise is the Director of The Dream Center Transition Program and is PASSIONATE about encouraging and equipping people to reach their FULFILLED LIFE in Christ.

Thus the name for her book – Fulfilled.

So many people have used these powerful tools to experience freedom.  Is your hearts desire to break every yoke and chain that holds you back to become totally free and fulfilled?  If so, that’s where Danise leads you, step by patient step, from bondage and heartbreak to freedom in Christ.

“I believed in God, but my belief was in the image of who I thought God was.  His love and mercy collided with my ignorance and pride, and I was changed forever.” ~ Danise Jurado

Her statement rocks my boat – because I see myself in it.

Image of God

My image of God


The Word of God and His Word about who He is

And who I am in Him.

That’s the God I wanted to meet up close and personal.  See, I too had “known” God all my life, yet…

There had to be MORE…

Good News – there is!

So much more…

Danise introduces you to Our Father and walks you through forgiveness (yes – let it go and let God do his restorative work in you!)

Have you heard forgiveness is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die?  Instead, you die, little by little….

Oh, forgiveness is for me too?!

Truth breaks you free to change as you learn your identity in Christ.  Confidence comes as you get to know God better by persevering in learning His Word.  What do you gain?





Danise graciously donated a book and book bag as a giveaway to one reader, so please comment below to enter this giveaway!  I’ll notify the winner by Friday, August 28th,  via email for confirmation of shipping address.

Oh, by the way, I would love to win $100.  You too?  Then you want to know Danise is ALSO hosting a social media contest for $100 GIVEAWAY!  See details in this photo and join in the chatter for your opportunity to win.

fulfilled contest

As a full disclosure, Danise Jurado donated a book for me to review.  The words and thoughts are my own regarding her book, Fulfilled.