Want to Heal After the Loss of a Baby? Do this First…

Healing after the loss of a baby is a scary thing to look at from behind the starting line. It seems like an overwhelming process full of deep sadness, frustration, guilt, and many unknowns.

…so I completely understand why it might seem easier to just set the whole reality of your loss aside and focus on other things…

…or to think of working through your loss as something important to do, only when you have nothing else to do.

59% of women who lose a baby get stuck in grief. They don’t heal because they don't have the skills needed to work through their loss. bit.ly/EmptyArms2

There is a reason 59% of women who suffer a miscarriage get stuck in grief and prolonged suffering. They don’t fully heal because they don’t have the essential skills they need to effectively work through their loss and let it go. Instead they bounce around doing little things that don’t add up to real results, simply because they are unaware of the scientifically proven strategies available for honoring their loss and healing their heart.

I don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why I’m sharing this  wonderful, PROVEN path for healing after a miscarriage, stillbirth or the loss of your baby 🙂

In practical terms, the process of healing doesn’t have to be complicated. You can break it down to a few basics:   Wise guidance, essential skills, and safe relationship. Click here to hear directly from Pam to see if this course is for you.

I’m going to tell you more in this post, yet you can take a shortcut straight to the source and learn more about the process at My Empty Arms,  a six-hour training delivered by Professional Counselor and Emotional Freedom Coach, Pam Vredevelt. 

Pam has a genuine gift and personal experience with this subject and she leads this course herself, LIVE, in real time, so that you can interact with her in the comfort of your own home via video conference.

Empty Arms Online Course

Don’t think for a second that this process is oversimplified, or that only certain types of people can truly bounce back after a devastating loss in so few steps.

Pam’s process works and she has the testimonials and success stories to prove it.

You don’t need a huge amount of time to effectively work through the impact of your loss.

You don’t need to spend years stuck in the heartbreak, anxiety, or guilt that steals your joy and leaves you feeling exhausted… and   

You *definitely* don’t have to try to find your way through the darkness alone.

In fact, in Pam’s course you’ll be surrounded by other moms who ‘get it’ because they too have lost a baby/babies, and are eager to gain the essential skills to effectively heal.

59% of women who lose a baby get stuck in grief. They don’t heal because they don't have the skills needed to work through their loss. bit.ly/EmptyArms2

Here’s what I’m inviting you to do.  Follow Pam’s proven path through grief:

  1.      Learn the The ‘Good Grief’ Path.  Discover and practice a scientifically proven ‘Good Grief’ pattern that rewires the brain, promotes healing, and prevents you from getting stuck in painful unresolved grief.
  2.      Learn how to Give Grief a Voice. Discover how to tune-in to grief and compassionately listen to your heart. Learn simple skills that help you feel safe while you label, sort, and give grief a voice.
  3.      Learn How to Let Go of Overwhelming Sadness. Learn and practice the skills that empower you to compassionately explore and release your sadness, discover meaning, and awaken joy.
  4.   Learn How to Let Go of Anger and Frustration. Compassionately explore and release the anger around your loss that may be harbored against yourself, others, or God.  Discover the key connection between fear, anxiety, and anger, and practice skills to manage your anger so that it doesn’t manage and overpower you.  Learn positive and healthy ways to respond to the insensitive, stupid things people say after the loss of a baby to protect against energy drain and bitterness.
  5.      Letting Go of Guilt and Shame. Learn and practice the skills to compassionately explore and release guilt, shame, and self-blame.
  6.      Create a Personalized Plan that nurtures ongoing healing and awakens joy.

Pam’s in-depth training will teach you how to apply this 6-step process.

Reserve your spot now for The EMPTY ARMS ONLINE COURSE (Remember, SPACE IS LIMITED and registration closes on October 17.) 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Pam will make it simple by giving you detailed instruction with each step, plus live coaching to make sure you get to USE and DO the things she teaches you.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from an expert who has helped thousands on the path of healing to fully recover.  I hope you’re able to participate, if you need this course.

Most importantly, I pray healing for you.

P.S. Pam is purposefully limiting the number of participants, so she can deliver a high level experience to all attendees. If you are in need of hope and healing after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the loss of a baby, this could be the very thing you’ve been praying would come along. Remember, registration closes Oct 17.

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