Dance With Jesus Today

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Hello, I am Susan B Mead, the author of Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace. I am also a speaker, chaplain and mom.  After personally experiencing the hand of God caress my broken heart when my sister committed suicide, my faith transformed from knowing about God to KNOWING GOD. My purpose is to help women look up, light up and live again…out loud and in color.  I live in the Dallas area with my husband of 35+ years and 2 “old girls”, Samantha and Brooklyn, my son’s labs.

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness,” Psalm 30:11 (NKJV)

Imagine Jesus’ later life. Jesus ministering for 3 years. The great expectations of the multitude on Palm Sunday. The physical and emotional blackness when God’s Only Son, Jesus, died on the cross.

Yet Christ was sent to conquer death. For each one of us. He set us free for eternity when He arose from the grave three days later.

He loves you. And me.

 Me too!


As a little girl, did you ever dizzily spin in the sunlight as you spun a dream of your future? Were you holding the hands of your father as you danced? Or were you dancing on his toes as he led you?

Me too. My mother played the piano and dad danced with me. As an infant, he held me on his arm as he waltzed across the room, then on his toes and finally stepping upon those hardwood floors as we swirled and the music swelled.

The steps became more intricate and advanced as Dad helped me become more confident. His tender, yet firm hands guided me through each new step and each new dance.

Our Father also takes our little baby hands, props us on His strong arm, holds us to His broad chest…and begins our dance and our dance lessons. Did you know?

Job 21:11-12, They send forth their children as a flock; their little ones dance about. They sing to the music of timbrel and lyre; they make merry to the sound of the pipe.” (NIV)

As you became aware of God and began to seek His word, were you coming to Him as a babe, with little hands eager – or tentative – to hold His book, His Word and His hand? Thus the dance with God began and our confidence in the dance of life grew.

As the mom of two sons in their 20s, one in college, the other working, I thought the dance of life was simple. My husband and I were empty nesters, working and seeing “the boys” as college and work allowed.

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