#BEMORE Giveaway

#BEMORE ~ 77 secrets to your powerful life 


Sandi Krakowski has put a lifetime of wisdom into a little book that will rock your world…if you read in, internalize it and ACT on what you learn.

Let me ask you a question first.  Have you ever wanted to #BEMORE:

Connected to God?

In tune with yourself?

Attentive to your relationships?

Engaged with your community?

Mindful of your world? 

If so, then this book is exactly what you are looking for.  Sandi builds out these five areas as she lays foundational truth in #BEMORE.  Consider it your handbook to a better life.

Have you thought about your life’s journey and what you are assigned and uniquely designed to do while you are here on earth?  Sandi opens with, “Our journey to being more STARTS with being more connected to God.”

“Do you believe He created you for something special or do you doubt He cares about you to make an effort?  Do you trust that He will answer your prayers and be there for you or do you wonder if He is even real?” Sandi asks.

Have you ever prayed and expected an immediate answer?  Yea, me, too…

Sandi sets an expectation for us that we will encounter obstacles and resistance as we step into the greatness God designed for us, each one of us.  However, when we anticipate resistance and are PREPARED to move through it, we can #BEMORE.

To be more in tune with yourself, Sandi reminds us that it “is essential for discovering where you are in this journey and where you need to go to reach your potential.”  She walks us through thought provoking statements of the positive and negative aspects of life to equip us to look inward and GROW.

“What are we in life without our relationships?” Sandi queries. Have you found this to be true in your life?  I certainly have.  I also realized that things get broken, discarded or replaced, yet people matter.  And each one of us must nurture the relationships of those who matter most to us.

To become more engaged with our community, Sandi reminds us “it takes a whole village to raise a child.”  This statement is an old African adage that addresses the need for cooperation amongst each member of society.  We have a special part to play and we are not designed to do everything alone as we step into the great benefits and fulfill our responsibilities within our community to #BEMORE.

Ok, I can honestly say that statement got my attention…arrive safely at death??? God forbid I limit myself to living within that box.  You too?  We are designed for a purpose and I want to #BEMORE, to contribute to the world, to make a difference in every life God wants me to impact in my lifetime, not to arrive safely at death.

I accept Sandi Krakowski’s challenge to #BEMORE.  Join me and the #BEMORE Movement…it’s people like you and me who are stepping up to the challenge to better their life.  READY?

Oh, by the way, Sandi donated TWO books for gifts to you, my readers!  Please leave a comment sharing why you would like to read #BEMORE or who you would give #BEMORE to.  I will select the TWO WINNERS on April 26. I hope you win!

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