75 Motherhood Tips From Experienced Moms to Help You

My friend, Rachel Martin, is the writer behind FindingJoy.net. She is a mom. A single mom. Of 7. She is also one of two partners in Blogging Concentrated and BCStack with Dan Morris. My hat is off to her as I could barely keep up with 2 kiddos and a job – even with a spouse.

75 real moms share motherhood tips

Rachel wrote a fantastic book last year called the Brave Art of Motherhood. She tells powerful stories that give moms permission to be moms. To rise above the sticky (literally) situations of a houseful of children and the commotion that ensues as life unfolds. What a gift, right?

Rachel recently asked 75 real life moms from many walks of life to share some tips they wish they knew at 20. You want to read them, I promise. Here’s how to get there to read the article.

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