5 Landscaping Tips for Creating Privacy in Your Yard

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Your yard should be the perfect place to relax and unwind during the summer months. This can be a little more challenging if you feel your neighbors are peering in all the time. Whether you have a large yard or a more modest space, it’s important to make it your own. You’ll also still want plenty of sunlight getting in for your plants to thrive, and so you can enjoy the warm rays. Fortunately, there are several ways to create privacy without even blocking the light. Make your yard space a haven for peace and tranquility this year with these clever landscaping tricks.

Trees and hedges

Tall trees can sometimes be an eyesore or block the sun, but with the right tree service, you can have any problem trees pruned and clipped to just the right amount. This way they will add privacy while still letting light in through the branches. The same goes for hedges. Plant dense hedges around your garden but prune them strategically. Look into flowering semi-evergreens for a touch of color and fragrant flowers or bright berries to attract wildlife. We just moved to South Louisiana, so I planted Formosa Azaleas across the back as over time they will form a lovely evergreen hedge that is stunningly beautiful each spring

Privacy screens

Another easier way to add privacy and make your garden safer is with screens. You can choose the design that best matches your landscaping style as there are many different types available. For smaller gardens or balconies you can opt for a movable screen or covering. This way you can change the design of the space according to the season.

Use vertical space

Create your own privacy screen using a trellis or vertical garden. This is also ideal if you have a smaller yard. Trellises are perfect for climbers and make a beautiful addition to any garden. They’re also quite easy to maintain. The sunlight will still come through the gaps in the wood, but you’ll be able to block views from the other side. If you would like a fun project this spring, here are some easy DIY trellis ideas to try. Then plan to plant so lovely clematis or other flowering vine to showcase the area.

Build decking

If you have space you could build your own decking area. Add a roof and side panels to create a private spot to entertain your guests and unwind in the evenings. This will help to extend your indoor living space nicely and marry it with the outdoors. With additional lighting and texture to create warmth, you’ll also get much more use out of your yard in the cooler months.

Gazebos and pergolas

Perhaps you haven’t the room for a full patio or decking but need privacy to block views from above. A small gazebo or pergola would work in this case. This will offer enough coverage but will still let light through. Here are some garden and patio cover ideas to give you inspiration.

There are several practical yet creative ways you can add privacy to your yard. When planning your upgrades, take into account where the light enters and from which angles your yard is visible. Find the best privacy solution (or solutions!) to blend in with your original landscaping.

Plan to have fun creating an inviting space!