Trust Me God Whispered

Trust Me, I’ve got you.

I heard this whisper deep in my soul earlier this year. Immediately, I knew God was directing me to place all my doubt and insecurity into His mighty hands to learn to trust Him with the big plan AND all the details of committing to go on a mission trip – my first.

Doubt? Insecurity? Yes, I confess, I was doubting what I felt called to do and insecure about my ability to do it. As if it were truly up to me in the first place!

I heard a whisper deep in my soul, "Trust Me." God is teaching me new ways to trust Him as I plan and prepare to participate in my first mission trip. Malawi - I had to look it up on the map to see where it's located, yet here I go, trusting Godin new ways to provide for my physical, spiritual and financial needs.

I’ve invited each one of you to come to Malawi with me in a prior post. And oh how I NEED your prayers; before we go, while we are there and as we return home. The stories I’ve heard of others who were not adequately covered in prayer serves as an eye opener to me.

So I restate my need for prayers from you as the team of ten prepare to go as well as while we are there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for I know your prayers are without walls. They go before us to prepare the way for the time we are physically there. They bless us while we are preparing, traveling and ministering. And they open the hearts of the people we will meet.

Please pray for favor with the village chiefs that we may pray for them, their village people, and specifically that I may pray with the women in their villages.

Pray for protection for any and all people – and things – that do not want us ministering there. We are going into a Muslim village – and landing in a total of 5 African countries – as we traverse two continents and an ocean on this trip.

Pray for divine encounters that I cannot begin to imagine yet God orchestrates as only He can. We will be working within a refuge camp in addition to a small village on Lake Malawi. Thank you for lifting the needs of these precious children of God to Him. Pray that our mighty God directs our steps to each person He wants us to minister to while there – and that we hear His guidance and obey.

Pray we see His glorious creation – both in the people, the animals and the spectacular landscape we will experience – and that we remember to pause to thank Him.

May I share the story with you of raising funds to go to Malawi? The minute I said yes, a local ministry donated $1000 towards my airfare. Only God knows the moment we say yes, yet they knew I said yes too. Thank you Lord! That grew my faith as I learned to trust You to provide in a new way, Father God.

My list of things to do topped the mail pile in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago. My sister dropped in for a visit and noticed my list as she was leaving. She asked, “What is this? You have a note to raise funds for a mission trip. Where are you going and what do you need?”

Malawi! It’s in Eastern Africa. We will be gone for about 2 1/2 weeks and I’ll need approximately $3,500 for my part of the trip.

“Dad would have wanted to support you and I’m sure Mom would too, so I’ll call Chuck (our brother) tomorrow to discuss it with him. I want to support you and I think he will too,” Margaret said.

So before I ever wrote the first post, my sister gathered support from my family – to the tune of $2,400! Plus the $1,000 donation from the local ministry! God is so full of surprises and He is so very good.

I think it’s now time to send an email to my list – yet I better make sure it’s GDPR compliant!  – to raise the remaining $100 for my part of the trip – and to garner support for any of the others needs of the communities we will be serving, as we do want to fund the building of a school room and/or bath facilities.

Man says..Show me and I’ll trust you. God says Trust me and I’ll show you.
Psalm 126:6

Thank You Lord. I kinda like the way You directed those checks to be “in the mail.” What an amazing surprise!

Yet should you and I be surprised when God’s hand is in a matter? Or when He whispers Trust Me?

Faith is believing that God is going to take you places before you even get there.
Matthew Barnett

Well said, Matthew Barnett! That’s certainly the truth.

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