Learning the Bible Should Never Be Boring!

At Bible Games Central, we believe in the incredible power of the Bible to transform lives and make us more like Jesus. And we believe learning the Bible should never be boring! That’s why we created this website to provide free games and learning activities for Sunday school teachers, youth ministers and church leaders to engage their students to get them excited about the Bible! Each game comes with Bible learning points, Bible passages and discussion questions, and many of the games also come with beautiful free printables.

In line with our objective of providing fun and captivating resources to get people excited about the Bible, we are thrilled to launch 4 games in our webstore that are created with both families and churches in mind. These games are not only entertaining but are also versatile, non-threatening platforms to open spiritual conversations and introduce elements of biblical teaching.

Bible Bingo

Bible Bingo is uniquely designed to help players become more familiar with the Bible. Its 24 unique double-sided Bible Bingo Cards are divided into distinct, colored sections which correspond to how the Bible is organized. The 66 Bible Bingo Calling Cards correspond to the 66 books of the Bible. This ready-to-play set is conveniently packaged with 400 plastic Bingo chips, as well as game instructions plus a 12-page overview of the Books and Sections of the Bible. Rather than downloading and printing from the website, Christian families can now keep a set of Bible Bingo handy to add an element of fun during family devotions, or open spiritual conversations during gatherings.

Bible Memory Game

The Bible Memory Game is another great game designed to help players remember the books and sections of the Bible. Each set contains 2 decks of bridge sized cards with 2 different colored backs. Each deck has 66 cards that are beautifully illustrated to reflect the contents of each of the 66 books of the Bible. The color bar at the bottom of each card indicates which section of the Bible it belongs to.

This versatile Bible Memory Game can be as challenging or easy as you want it to be. Those who enjoy a demanding game can play with the full set of 66 pairs of cards. For an easier, quicker game, only use cards from the Old Testament, New Testament or selected sections of the Bible. (For example, Old Testament Law, New Testament Gospels, etc.) Yet another variation is to consider any 2 cards from the same section of the Bible a matching pair. (For example, consider Luke and John a matching pair since both are from the New Testament Gospels section.)

This set of Bible Memory Game cards can also be used for other games in the Books of the Bible Games series, such as Bible Swaparoo, Bible Clothesline, Bible Slot and Sort and Bible Pass the Basket. Instructions to these games can be found here: https://biblegamescentral.com/books-of-the-bible-games/

Parable Parade

Jesus was a masterful storyteller. Using common objects like sheep and seeds, Jesus told short but powerful parables to help His audience grasp important spiritual truths. Parable Parade card game features 12 of Jesus’ parables. In this exciting game, players must collect complete sets of Parable Cards. You can draw as many cards as you like, but be careful. Draw an Oopsie! Card and you will pay the price! Will you be bold and fearless? Or will you be conservative and cautious?

Christmas Bingo And Memory Card Game

This two-in-one festive game set is adorned with 24 colorful illustrations of the nativity scene, baby Jesus, the wise men, Christmas trees, gingerbread houses and more! It is a great Christmas gift, or you can use it for your Christmas party at home or in church!

Alvin Gan

Alvin Gan is the father of three noisy (but lovely) teenagers and founder of 2 websites that provide creative evangelism and discipleship resources.

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www.BibleGamesCentral.com develops Bible games for youths, kids and even adults to teach spiritual truths.