Goodbyes are so hard to say

Goodbyes are so hard to say.

❤️ People we love move

🏥 Jobs change

👫 Lives once interwoven no longer are

Yet some things became “hanger-oners” in our lives…

☃️ That extra weight

🍩 This pudgy pounds

🧁 That fluffy muffin top

Well let me share something with you.

It’s EASY to say goodbye to those!

Yet it’s harder to make them go. Can I get an amen?!

I’ve added things that are no longer welcome here. And I said enough!

So I’m making changes.

I did three things…
1-got a Fitbit to track what I eat, how I sleep and workout,
2-got Bio-Res sprays to impact my metabolic rate and sleep, and
3-got a Lumen to monitor my metabolism.

I spent over 20 years with Johnson & Johnson in the diabetes industry. So the easiest parallel I can use for the Lumen is how a glucose monitor allows you to KNOW what your food is doing in your body-the Lumen allows me to know how the food I eat is being metabolized in my body.

Am I burning 🔥 carbs?
Or am I burning 🔥 fat?
Or am I burning 🔥 a combination of carbs and fat?


I’m now equipped with information that I’ve never had before and it is actionable.

I can change what I eat based on what I see happening to my metabolism

I can increase steps when I realize how few I’ve been taking.

I can add activity when I see how stagnant I’ve been.

I can add a couple more sprays to improve my sleep and metabolism.

And here’s the good news.

I just said goodbye AND good riddance 10 pounds and 11 inches – in one week!

Are you ready to monitor your metabolism?

Get your Lumen here

Oh by the way, the code SUSANMEAD gets you a $50 discount!

Yes you can save a little money to say goodbye and good riddance to those pounds that have to go!