The Fish Camp – Linkup

The Fish Camp. New town. New home. New ways of doing things…

Water. In a new home, the water has to be put in the new owner’s name and “turned on” in that name, right? So off you go to the Water Department to get this done. We’ve all been there to put down a deposit and have service turned on – or off – as we move.

That was the routine for us, too, until we stepped off the grid and moved to the Fish Camp…

It's not a tent, but we're in a 10' x 32' Fish Camp cabin for the next several months as we gut and remodel a lake house. Learn with me! It's all good.

My husband played phone tag with the Water Department. The man said the woman who worked there had our forms. A couple of days of back and forth phone tag ensured. Until we realized we are closing on the property TOMORROW! We’ve gotta get this done now. Right?!

One more voice mail left for the lady with the forms indicating the urgency of connecting TODAY, so we have water service TOMORROW! Thank God, she promptly returned the call.

I’ve got your forms. What address can I mail them to you?

MAIL?! My mind reels as I think I need this taken care of today. Can we meet somewhere to get this tended to today, I ask.

Well, I won’t be home until 5:15 – you see, I have another job and I live out in Lisbon.

Excellent! I’ll actually be at the church with my sister’s family for Wednesday family dinner night. Can we meet afterwards?

Well, Mr. (the one who works there – I forgot his name) will be there too. I’ll send your forms with him and you can mail them back.

MAIL? What about service beginning tomorrow? I innocently inquire.

What’s the address, she asks. Who lives there now? Oh, I know him. Service is already on there, right?

Yes, ma’am.

Well, we’ll just leave service on for you as long as we get the form and the $75 deposit (Yes – only $75!) by sometime next week, it’ll be good.

And Mr. (I forgot this name) handed me the form at dinner to complete and mail in.

We’re all good at the Fish Camp.

Except there’s no address on the form for where to mail it in. Guess I’ll call today to get that little detail tended too.

Can you imagine living like this? Join me. I’m learning to live at the Fish Camp.

By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise. Hebrews 11:9

It’s not a tent, but we are in a 10′ x 32′ Fish Camp cabin for the next several months as we gut and remodel the lake house.

It’s all good.

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