Emmanuel – God Is With Us

Emmanuel – God is with us. Does that comfort you? It comforts me, deeply.

My sweet friend, Liz Giertz, hosts the weekly Word Nerd Wednesdays at her website where she invites writers to don their nerdiness as they dig deep into Biblical words to share the insights discovered. And I got the MONTH of December this year and today is the last of those four posts exploring different names of God.

Did I share as a kid one of my favorite things to do was learn new words? Yep, I studied the dictionary and encyclopedias (there was no such thing – or even the word – Google then).

Emmanuel - God is with us. Does that comfort you? It comforts me, deeply. Come explore this magnificent name of God with us and draw near to God today.

Oh the joy of exploring this name of God! Y’all, I know God is good when I literally hear Emmanuel ringing out on Sirius XM Radio as I begin to dig deep into the meaning of this beautiful name to share with you.

So off we go exploring Hebrew, Greek and Wikipedia for a better understanding of the word Emmanuel. (Now haven’t you ALWAYS wanted to do that?)

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Oh by the way, today we celebrate the 100th Dance With Jesus linkup. Thank you for joining me and so many other faithful friends here each week. I cherish each one of you. And may I share how much your voice needs to be heard? So keep writing and sharing your words, my precious friends. Yes indeed, keep writing…

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