How to Stay Positive During Difficult Financial Times

How to Stay Positive During Difficult Financial Times

If you are in debt, then you have likely experienced those tough times that arise, especially when you have to forgo the things you need because you just don’t have a penny to spare.

Have you experienced those tough times when you have to forgo the things you need because you don’t have a penny to spare? Join @WorkMomLife for timely tips

I too have been in those situations where I am driving home and praying that nothing goes wrong because if it does, I had no money – literally, none.

These are scary times and they are also very hard times. I used to lay in bed and cry, worry, and wallow in self-pity as I tried to understand what I could do differently.

At times I even questioned God and wondered why he would put me in this situation if he truly loved me. I know the challenges He presents me along my journey just make me stronger, though, and that He always has a plan.

If you are in this situation, there is hope for you. Take a moment to breathe and really understand your debt situation. Yes, it will be tough and yes, you will likely shed a tear or two, but without a true picture of your debt, you will never know how deep the problem is. I was afraid of my situation, but I was able to see it in front of me. That is when I was able to think of ways to tackle the debt head on.

Below, I will talk a bit about how I remained positive through my debt journey and I hope that you can find the light and positivity in your situation too.

Financial Struggles Coupled with Kids Stink!

Financial struggles without kids are difficult, but when you add kids to the struggle, things get real, really quickly. It stinks when money is tight and you need to buy formula, diapers, and the necessities for your children.

I have always placed my child first, even in difficult and trying financial hardships. This meant that if we only had $15 for the week, then my child got that $15 before I or anyone else did. My child’s needs were ALWAYS taken care of, even if this meant I did not eat or I ate her leftovers when she was done. Not once did my daughter ever want or need even through the financial hardships.


My daughter did not ask for the situation to be the way it was, so I always gave her my best.

Have you experienced those tough times when you have to forgo the things you need because you don’t have a penny to spare? Join @WorkMomLife for timely tips

Hard Work Does Pay Off

I learned that hard work does pay off. Yes, everyone says it and I found it is true. In fact, I took on some side hustles to help me pay bills and I am so glad that I did. I was able to put more food on the table, buy new outfits for my child, and even tackle some of the debt I had accrued.

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Even though I had some days and nights where I went without much rest, it was worth it to pull myself and family from the financial pit we were in.

Diligence Will Carry You

Just like hard work pays off, diligence and faith in God will carry you through. It is important for you to remain diligent and keep your head up the entire time. In my case, I had little eyes (my daughter) and big eyes (God) on me at all times. I knew I could not give up, even when the hardest of times hit. I needed to be my best, so that my little one could be her best.

Times are often at their toughest just before they get better, so it’s important to hold on to hope and believe that better times are around the corner. Reaching out with spiritual warfare prayers and being ready to receive what’s coming might be hard at this moment. But when you remember that you’re not just doing this for you, it becomes a lot easier to persist.

Faith Leads You to Positivity

One of the best decisions I have ever made was turning to my faith when I was going through my financial hardship. I knew that I just could not give up. I had to have faith in God’s plan for me and that things would turn out the way they were meant to be.

I know it may sound crazy, but it seemed that every time I turned to God with my problems, I was able to think about them more clearly and be more successful. If I doubted or did not believe in God’s plan, then the outcome reflected that.

My daughter puts her faith in me every day. What type of example would I be if I were to just give up and lose all hope in the situation? Even more important, what example of trusting God to provide for both of us would I fail to teach her by giving up?

You Can Do It Too

If you want to climb out of your difficult times, you can. It does take hard work, diligence, and faith to do, but it can be done. Don’t worry. I used to not believe it either and I wondered “why me” all of the time.

Financial situations are difficult.

They cause you to panic, worry, and lose sleep, but a simple change in mindset and an adjustment to your current goals can help you reap rewards for many years to come.

And the Bible teaches us to renew our minds daily, right?!

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